Saturday, August 04, 2007

Donut Man - Fresh Peaches available

I came across an online post that Donut Man was selling the fresh peach donut after months of the strawberry. So Jan and I circled this Saturday morning on the calendar and decided to make a return trip to Glendora. Our drive seemed considerably shorter than our first vist, likely due to the fact that we basically knew where we were going. However, we still got a bit lost on the way. *hint: Take the Grant exit in Glendora.

[Look here for my first visit to Donut Man for the Fresh Strawberry Donut.] Jim, the actual Donut Man, makes two fresh fruit donuts each year; Peach is offered second, for a shorter period of time and historically is not debuted until the last week in July or the first week in August. Put mid spring on the calendar for the berries and circle a late summer date for the peaches. The trip to Glendora is definitely worth the effort.

The best place to eat a Donut Man fresh fruit donut is by using the hood or trunk of your car as a table. This time I brought a quart of non-fat milk to help the donut go down. Nothing like 8 am breakfast in a parking lot.

The Donut Man peach donut is great. It's tasty for sure and is one of the best donuts I've ever had. The portion of peach in the donut was extraordinary, weighing in at more than a full peach per donut shell. My donut simply could not contain all the slivers of peach. However, the peach experience pales in comparison to that of eating the strawberry donut. The downside might have everything to do with the time of year. Peach season has just started and (hopefully) not yet peaked. There were slices from maybe three different peaches in my donut: one tasted heavenly -- soft, juicy and sweet, one was dull -- not yet ripe, thus crisp with very little flavor, and one was in between the other two. I can imagine what a Donut Man fresh peach donut tastes like with 100% perfect peaches. Believe me, it is likely so amazing I'm already planning on making a return visit before the end of the season (September?).

This is the tub of peach slices. I watched some donuts get prepared and each had at least 2 big scoops of peaches.

A tray of fresh peach donuts about to be served.

This is what the strawberry looked like...

Something that ocurred to us was that the Strawberry donut had lots of full bodied fresh strawberries, which, since it was the height of that season, all tasted perfect. But the lack of any cutting and slicing made for a dry donut vessal for some amazing berries. However the sliced peaches have a tremendous amount of juicy surface area that starts to dribble and drabble around the donut. If all the slices were fresh, this would be a wonderful mess of a desert feast.

I firmly believe that for a foodie, food blogger, etc. the quest defines the obsession. Donut Man is a perfect quest. The drive is just enough to have a deep but not epic conversation with a good friend and it's a very very quick drive in the early morning of a weekend. Luckily, Glendora is also not so close that I'd want to stop by for a donut more than once every few months or so. If the Donut Man ever expanded his fresh fruit donuts to other fruits (say nectarines, blueberries, etc.) ... I would find my self on Historic Route 66 in Glendora a lot more often... Gas in Glendora, by the way was a "low" $2.81!

Donut Man
915 E. Route 66
Glendora, California 91741
(626) 335-9111
Open 24 hours (cash only)

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