Sunday, July 29, 2007

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery

I discovered the Brooklyn Bagel Bakery simply by driving past it one day. I almost got into an accident because I was gawking at the sight of a Brooklyn bagel place a) in the shadows of Dodger Stadium and b) randomly in Echo Park near Alvarado Street. I would go to Brooklyn Bagel Bakery up to once a day at the height of my obsession. I even initiated a Bagel Day at work and would pick up a few dozen bagels once a month. This is my favorite bagel place in LA and -- I dare say -- compares favorably to NY Bagels.

Nothing is more annoying than a New Yorker pining over the lack of good pizza or a good bagel here in LA. Well no complaint about LA bagels is truthful without checking out the best LA has to offer first. I found this Grid Skipper list of the Top 6 Bagels in LA and Brooklyn Bagel is on the list! I've found the bagels to be soft inside anda chewy yet crispy exterior. These bagels are boiled just as are the NYC variety. Brooklyn Bagel Bakery offers 30 varieties of bagels from traditional to flavored (Starberry, Chocolate, etc.).

My favorite bagels at Brooklyn Bagel Bakery are the garlic, the sesame, the onion biyali, the cheese bagel. Other good items include the "New York style" water bagel, energy bar, everything bagel, jalepeno cheese, etc. Well everything is tasty. Brooklyn Bagel Bakery also scores points for being a one of a kind place with roots in Brooklyn, NY.

Are LA bagels the same as those in NY? Well my buddy Jan took a trip to NYC recently and brought back some real Brooklyn bagels and they were amazing. I also went to NYC recently and ate breakfast at the Bagel maven every day. There is something to a NYC bagel that is not found in LA. I think it is more the lifestyle than the water. Though there is something ot be said for the multiplicity of bagels there and what that obviously does for the collective expertise in making a great bagel.

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery is an example of why it is fun to be a foodie in Los Angeles: there are types of all foods, the discovery is fun and reveals treasures in all parts of our great city.

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery is located at
2217 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90057
(213) 413-4114. Open daily, 7 a.m.–11:00 p.m. Cash only.
**Bagel Happy Hour (1/2 price!) is weekdays from 3pm to 5pm

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