Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dinah's Fried Chicken (Glendale)

I went to Dinah's for the first time on Oscar Night 2007. (Credit is due where credit is due: the amazing Michael at Franklin Ave blogged about a trade ad Dinah's took out to thank "Little Miss Sunshine" for including the food and it's iconography in the film.)

More than half of the fun for me was to get what amounted to a Little Miss SUnshine meal to go on Oscar night. (No such good luck befell the movie sadly!) The restaurant has been owned by the Pearson family since 1967 which you can tell right when walking in. It's like stepping through a portal in time.

Honestly, this was the greasiest chicken I've had in a while but man it tasted like the real deal. The amazing box (circa 1970s!) says it was cooked without oil, which is meant to be reassuring but if THAT isn't oil what is it? :-) The sides were pretty good but standard fare. The cole slaw was particularly interesting as it was sweet from the little amounts of pineapple chunks in it. Also on the menu is chicken livers, gizzards, fish dinners, shrip dinner and other stuff I've never tried. I'd eat here again but again, mainly for the quirkiness of the whole experience. (I guess I'm not much of a fried chicken guy!)

Cost: definitely not expensive
Taste: solid
Experience: totally one of a kind eating! (Well except for the restaurant on the way to LAX)


Address: 4106 San Fernando Rd, Glendale, CA 91204-3818 (1 block east of Los Feliz)

Phone: 818-244-4188

Hours: Open daily from 11am - 9pm (dining room till 8:30)

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Swastika1887 said...

It was cooked without oil. The 'oil' is from the chicken itself. They sweat the fat off the chicken when it was cooked, and chicken IS greasy itself.