Sunday, August 05, 2007

Cindy's Restaurant - Re-opening!

Many East-siders remember they day they heard about the awful accident at Cindy's Restaurant in Eagle Rock. On the weekend of July 15 a car crashed into the side of Cindy's taking out a huge chunk of the front wall. (It looked like a missile had attacked the place!) More than just damaging the wall however, the errant (ie. drunk?) driver destroyed foundation, windows and even some booths. Cindy's had to go into hibernation for nearly a month in order to repair and restore.

I called and spoke to the owner this morning and she said they were hoping to be open again this Thursday (August 9). When she heard that we missed Cindy's (it's one of the easiest places to take a baby or a young child for breakfast) she paused and said "That really means a lot to me." She sounded eager and very ready to be back open for business.

I've never done a review of Cindy's but I've always meant to. So here is a little photo essay of the "old" Cindy's whicih will hopefully do until I get to visit the "new" Cindy's this next week.

This is the old artifice. Note the full parking lot and the people hanging outside.

Cindy's is a simple, classic diner. There's nothing complicated or "Nancy Silverton" about this place. In fact, we're really only fans of the breakfast. It's greasy spoon, very affordable and totally kid friendly. In a city with perpetually evolving nouveau-cuisine, a standard goes a long way.

Egss, potatos, bacon.

Pancakes are perhaps Cindy's best item.

Simple. But when you want simple Cindy's is perfect. Perhaps one of hte best hang over spots in Eagle Rock.

Cindy's is located on Colordao Blvd in Eagle Rock which is also Historic Route 66. Cindy's is the kind of spot you'd find on Route 66 in 1955 on a cross country drive. Except it's in LA and serves multiple generations of diverse Angelinos a simple meal at a great price.

Please, support a local merchant who has been serving Eagle Rock well for decades. The restaurant business is a risky one no matter who an owner is or how long they've been operating. Losing a month of income and having to pay for major structural repairs is a huge burden (do they even have insurances?). It would be great to see the place packed each weekend as a tribute and a thank you to a local affordable greasy spoon. So, consider this an invitation to come to Cindy's on Saturday August11th, the first Saturday the restaurant will be reopened for business.

Cindy's Restaurant is located at
1500 Colorado Blvd. / Eagle Rock, CA 90041
(323) 257-7375. Open daily

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