Sunday, June 03, 2007

Square One - Brunch in Los Feliz

We joined some friends for a family brunch this morning at Square One in Scientologyville on Fountain near Vermont. We had all read some good reviews of the place and were looking forward to checking it out. Square One prides itself on the quality of it's ingrediants, including organic, local and small farm produce.

Sometimes a review of a restaurant is so particular to my circumstance or experience that I'm sure another person or at another time, the review would be opposite. But we didn't really have the best time at Square One...

First the food. I ordered the Brioche French Toast and it was light, fluffy and super sweet. Almost too sweet, it was a better desert than a breakfast for me this morning. The f.toast comes with a couple of options: bourbon pecan style, fresh fruit, etc that might have been worth exploring.

We got the baby boy a little plate of scrambled eggs which he decided not to eat. But they looked fine. Very simple. Phoebe ordered the pancakes and like some of the reviews we'd read, they were pretty bland and boring. Maybe good enough for an undescriminating baby but a dull dish for an adult.

There was a dearth to high chairs, though the resaturant + patio is quite large and there were only a couple of other babies in the place. I felt like Square One would be a better spot for people without kids or even the solo eater with a newspaper.

The highlight of the meal was the amazing bacon. Perhaps the best bacon in LA. Perhaps the best I've ever had. A side of one strip is $1.50 is is surely worth it; the bacon was flavorful, very meaty and a delicacy.

Ultimately, I'd prefer to have stayed in Eagle Rock for brunch (Cindy's, The Table, even Swork) would have been better / easier grub.

The service at Square One was poor. Not rude at all, but our table never got cleared and there were only 2 highchairs for a restaurant that could seat, what 20 parties including the back patio. That strikes me as not the best number. So that made our meal a bit of a challenge. The menu offers a really cool range of items, however, including omlets, baked egg dishes, etc. Thier lunch menu starts at 11:30 and includes cold and hot sandwiches, a variety of salads (roasted beet salad, kinda cobb, cured salmon).

I would definitely try Square One again, but it would be a better dining experience with a different meal and perhaps a baby free trip.

Download the Square One menu

Square One:
4854 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles, CA
(323) 661-1109
Open from 8am to 4pm (closed Mondays)

Google Map Square One

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