Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Coffee Table - Father's Day Brunch #1 - (Eagle Rock)

On one hand it seemed a bit early to celebrate my first Father's Day ... but on the other we're soooo close to our baby arriving (full term baby due 2 weeks after F's Day). And we had to eat anyway! So we went to The Coffee Table in Eagle Rock (90041) for brunch. The spot is very inviting with indoor and outdoor seating. Since it was a pretty sweltering day we chose indoor. Ordering at the Coffee Table happens in the front and the friendly staff will bring your food to your seat.

I ordered a chorizo breakfast burrito wrapped in a sundried tomato tortilla and a coffee. Phoebe got pancakes with 2 eggs over easy and bacon cooked extra crispy. The food was really tasty and perfect for a neighborhood joint. There are other spots like Cindy's that does up an even simpler, hang-over helper and others that err more on the side of gourmet (Auntie Em's makes a great quality, special breakfast). The bnreakfast menu has staples (Denver omlette) as well as some fun things to try (Sunrise Melt or Tofu Scramble). We'll definitely go again. It's a great place to have in Highland Park / Eagle Rock.

All of the tables at the Coffee Table were designed by the Silverlake designcompany Furthur LA which can be found on Sunset next door to the Elliott Smith shrine. Our table was a tile mosiac of record players. A fun cool detail! The Coffee Table is pretty family / kid friendly but the acoustics make the spot pretty boistrous and loud at peak hours.

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