Sunday, May 20, 2007

Yuca's to open 2nd location!

Eating LA reports news that makes the recent Pinkberry controversy recede into the background:

One of Grub in LA's favorite taco stands -- the James Beard award winning Yuca's -- is opening a second location! Yuca's on Hollywood is now open for business, though it does seem like it might take a bit of time for the amazing kitchen and it's recipes to make the transition (they must need a big moving van or something).

You can bet I will review the new location on my lunch break from work on Monday. Will it compare to the world famous original? Will the carnitas at Casa Diaz retain the title of "best carnitas" (according to LA's taco guru, the Taco Hunter)? Is this the taco equivalent of Superman teaming up with Batman?

Stay tuned loyal readers.

Yuca's on Hollywood is located at: 4666 Hollywood Blvd Los Feliz 90027

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